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Intern Housing in Washington DC

Intern housing period in Washington DC is a set package and the date is fixed from 1 June to 31 August. During this period of time, pro-rated invoicing is not applicable for partial months. The security deposit (4-weeks rent) and the service fee ($200) are required to secure your room at the time of booking.  

Washington DC Summer Intern Housing Options: 

  •   Flex - 295$/week 
  •   Flex Basic - 305$/week 
  •   Flex Basic with Balcony - 355$/week 
  •   Flex Plus - 395$/week 
  •   Deluxe Room - 415$/week or 455$/week (4 or 3 bedrooms)
  •   Deluxe Premium - 495$/week
  •   Master Room - 545$/week (limited availability)