Tel. + 1 (800) 874-5061


How can I speak to someone?

Our live chat specialists are available online to answer your instant questions from 2 am to 4 pm (EST). Our booking process can be completed directly on our website. For further booking assistance you may email For general inquiries you can call us Monday to Friday at 1 (800) 874-5061

What is Harrington Housing?

We are a co-living/off campus community, providing luxury, fully furnished and all inclusive rooms to students and young professionals. Our residences are located in downtown in global cities, including NY, London, DC, Toronto and Montreal. Our prices are all inclusive.

What does the rent include?

The rent includes all utilities, internet, Netflix, as well as living in a fully furnished apartment (bed linens included). It also includes the use of the building amenities, such as gym, swimming pool, rooftop and so on (pending availability and subject to covid-19 regulations).

Who can rent with Harrington? I am not a student.

We are a purpose-built housing provider. We provide co-living housing both to students and young professionals. If you have concerns whether you are eligible to apply, please contact our booking team at


How can I book a room?

Select your location > Pick the room type you like > Select the dates. Afterwards, you will be prompted to the check-out page. Complete your information, and submit your payment. You are all set!

How the rent payment works?

At the time of check-out, you are only required to make your deposit payment. Paying deposit will secure your room. Your first rent payment is due upon your move-in. Let's say today is January 15 and you would like to book a room from March 1 to September 31. Today, you will need to pay the deposit amount to hold your room. The first rent payment is due anytime until March 1. You will need to pay your first rent to receive your apartment keys. In other words, deposit secures your room, and the first rent brings you the keys.

What is the verification process?

After the booking submission, you will be asked to follow the instructions to verify your identity and proof of study/work. We want to make sure we only accept people who are verified to be a good fit for our co-living community.

How can I visit the room before booking? 

On our website, you will find a link where you can book a tour. This can be virtual or in person.

What is required for booking? 

To book you will need to complete the verification process by uploading a photo ID and pay the deposit listed in the booking process. If you are a student, we require proof of study. We also require everyone to fill out and return a Covid-19 Questionnaire. This full process can be completed online. 

Do you require a guarantor or credit score?

No, we do not require a guarantor or credit score from international applicants and students.

Why can’t I select the dates I want?

You can only select the beginning or the end of the month as a move-in date. If you have a specific move in date in mind, you may contact in case we can accommodate your inquiry.

How do my friend and I rent an apartment together? 

Bookings are done individually, but you may request to live in the same apartment with your friend. We do our best to make this happen but it is based on availability. Please contact our booking team at with further questions.

Can I meet my roommates before moving in? 

We have over 600 beds offered to our residents. In most circumstances, your exact room is assigned the day you move-in. Our housing coordinators will introduce you to your roommates when you move in. 

Are Harrington premises Co-ed?

We have all female, all male and mixed apartments, based on availability at the time of booking. During the booking process kindly let us know your preference and we will do our best to accommodate it.


How do I cancel my booking for reasons other than Covid-19?

Please see our cancellation policy:

What if my classes are cancelled due to Covid-19?

Please see our cancellation policy, with a special Covid-19 update. Proof will be required for cancellation requests based on Covid-19. Additional fees might apply depending on how much notice is provided.

Will I lose my security deposit if my classes are cancelled due to Covid-19?

Security deposit could be used as a credit for a future booking if the cancellation is related to Covid-19. Other terms and conditions can be found here:

Why am I paying a security deposit?

The security deposit is to secure the room, cover any potential damage to furniture, other loss, or default in rent payment. Please see our security deposit policy here: 

Is the security deposit returned? 

The deposit will be returned within 21 business days after the rooming agreement term stay, provided that the contractual obligations have been met and mandatory cleaning and depreciation fees deducted. 

What is the placement fee? 

The placement fee is a non-refundable administrative fee, to cover costs associated with your application process, contract preparation and arrival orientation.


Do I pay my rent month to month, or weekly?

Rent payment is due every 4-week. A payment plan will be generated and added to the end of your housing agreement for your reference. Let's say you rented a room at a rate of $275/week, and your total duration of stay is 12-week. You will need to make payments in 3 installments $1100/each.

What if I want to change my room type? 

Room type changes are subject to availability and will involve an extra cleaning fee pending approval. 

How can I extend my stay? 

You need provide a written request to extend your stay, preferably with 30-day notice. Extensions are based on availability and we do our best to accommodate them.


What is the covid-19 guest policy? 

Right now we do not allow overnight guests and visiting is not recommended due to the rise in Covid 19 cases. The small common area in the apartment does not allow for 6 feet / 2m physical distancing with guests. Gatherings are recommended to be limited to “same household” following public health guidelines. 

Do you have a Quarantine plan?

Anyone arriving from another country, may be required to self-isolate for a specified time. We do offer quarantine plans to assist with laundry and grocery shopping at this time. An extra cost is involved. Note: our minimum stay remains 30 days.

What precautions do you take for Covid19?

Please see our Covid-19 precautions on our website at:


How many people will I be living with? 

You will live in a co-living space generally with 2 other roommates. Exact number of roommates depends on the apartment layout and location. 

Do I get my own bathroom?

Unless specified otherwise, all rooms have shared bathrooms. If you are looking for ultimate privacy, we do have a master room with a private bathroom and entire apartment options in certain locations. 

How many people share the same bathroom? 

Generally, you will be sharing the bathroom with 2 other roommates depending on the apartment layout. We have some apartments with a master room with a private bathroom, based on availability.

Does the apartment have a common living room?

There is a small dining area near the kitchen area. Particularly with the Covid-19 precautions, we discourage our residents to gather in common areas unless necessary.

Is a kitchen included? 

Yes, all of our apartments come with a fully furnished, shared kitchen. This includes a small dining area, pots, pans, dishes, utensils and appliances. 

Is the internet included?

We are happy to provide each resident unlimited Wi-Fi internet connection. This is included in the rental price. 

Is there a laundry? 

Yes, all our premises have either in-unit or on-site laundry. 

Is parking included? 

Parking may be provided for an additional fee, provided that the duration of the stay is minimum one year. Please contact for details.

Are there locks on doors? 

We do not place locks on doors. However you may be able to place your own lock (at some locations) as long as you return the original one prior to moving out, and follow the fire code requirements.

What is flex space? 

Flex space is one of the budget-friendly options we offer. It’s ideal for students looking for luxury living with basic privacy. The space is an alternative to a shared room, and created with a temporary bookcase partition. The full description can be found on our website. 


Do you rent rooms to couples? 

Our rooms are single occupancy only. We may suggest our entire apartment options (one bedroom or studio) for couples, available at limited locations. 

Do you have a cleaning service? 

Prior to moving in, your room is cleaned and you are provided with fresh linens. It is up to all roommates to keep their room and common areas clean. 

Do you accept pets? 

Even though we love pets, a co-living environment does not allow us to be pet friendly. Our current or future guests might be allergic to pets.

What is your guest policy? 

Constant overnight guests are not allowed. You are able to have friends and family visit you. However overnight guests overpopulate the apartment and are not permitted. Covid update: Due to covid-19 precautions, overnight guests are not permitted, following public health guidelines. Please stay updated with government regulations indicated on their website.

Do you provide a meal plan? 

Meal plans are not provided. Our apartments have fully furnished kitchens with standard appliances including pots, pans, dishes and cutlery. There are grocery stores nearby. 

Can I bring my own sheets and furniture?

We provide fresh bed linens prior to move in. Our rooms are fully furnished with a bed, study desk, side table, lighting and smart TV. As long as the room is left in the same condition after your stay, you may replace your own linens and small furniture.

Can I rent an apartment to myself?

Yes you can rent an entire studio or one bedroom apartment. Please check our website for availability.

What if I have a roommate issue? 

Our residence is a co-living shared space and we encourage open communication to try and resolve any household issues. Please contact your housing coordinator, for some further assistance. 

Is there a 24/7 security in the premises?

Most of our locations have a concierge security desk. Additionally a key fob is needed, to enter the building. 

What is the check-in process?

Check-in  generally begins after 4:00 pm on your planned move in date. You will receive move in instructions by email, which will include the housing coordinator’s contact information. You can inform when you’re on the way, or a time you plan to be at the residence and they will meet you. 

You will have a short orientation when you arrive and will receive your keys, if your first rent payment was made. 

For earlier check ins (early arriving flights) 

You can call / message the coordinator by WhatsApp and let them know your arrival time. You will be able to leave your luggage in the common area of the apartment and return later once your room is ready.