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Furniture Deposit Policy

General Terms

Resident(s) will pay Harrington a furniture deposit amount, specified on the booking transaction page. The deposit is to secure the room, and cover the potential loss, excess cost, or damage to Lessor or the premises. Resident(s) may not, without Lessor's prior written consent, apply this deposit to the last rent or to any other sum due under this Agreement. After Resident(s) have vacated the premises, returned keys, and provided Lessor with a forwarding address, Lessor will give Resident(s) an itemized written statement of the reasons for, and the dollar amount of, any of the deposit retained by the Lessor, along with a check for any deposit balance.

The deposit will be returned within 21 business days after the end date of the stay, provided that the contractual obligations have been met and the Resident(s) ceases the use of the unit in accordance with the Agreement. Other outstanding amounts (if there are any) may also be deducted from the furniture deposit before it is returned.

As a policy, Harrington prepares the rooms with fresh bed linens and deep cleaning before the move-in. Resident shall leave the room in the same condition as it is found, including the replacement of fresh bed linens and completion of deep move-out cleaning. The standard for cleanliness is the complete readiness of the room for the upcoming Resident. Should Resident fail to adhere to the obligation to leave the room in mint condition, a service charge of up to $150 could be added to the Resident's account, and Harrington could secure this amount prior to the move-out from the premises, or before signing the contract.

If, after booking the room, Resident(s) fails to take possession of the premises or vacates the premises before the term ends, the deposit will not be returned under any conditions (except for the Covid-19 policy), and Resident(s) may still be liable for the balance of the rent for the remainder of the term and complying with other terms of the Lease Agreement (please refer cancellation and refund policy above).

Lease extensions, whether with a written confirmation or signing a new contract, will be considered a new booking for the purpose of the application of the deposit return policy, and failure to undertake the confirmed extension will result in the forfeiture of the deposit.

Guests who booked for a future date and have already paid a deposit and placement fee, but decided to cancel or postpone their bookings or are exposed to a restriction might be allowed to carry forward their deposits as an in-house credit. This credit can be used for a future booking at a later date at any Harrington locations. The return of the rent payment will be issued in accordance with the general terms.

Variable Terms

- Currency symbol refers to USD Dollars (USD$) for US properties, Canadian Dollars (CAD$) for Canadian properties, and United Kingdom Pounds (GBP£). Accordingly, any reference to the ($) symbol will be replaced by the (£) symbol in the UK properties with the same numerical numbers.