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Budget Friendly Restaurants For Students in Vancouver, Canada

If you are eyeing Vancouver as your next spot to study in, then you have certainly thought about food as a part of your living expenses, and we know that being a student in Vancouver can be expensive. Between tuition, rent, and groceries,[...]
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Discovering DC: A College Student's Guide to the Museums of Washington

Washington, DC is home to some of the most unique and beautiful museums in the world. From dinosaur bones to cutting-edge art exhibits, the Smithsonian's 20 museums offer something for everyone!   So you might be wondering -[...]
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11 Book Recommendations for College Students from Harrington Housing

Are you a college student trying to decide what books to read this semester? Whether you want to get ahead in class or just get a head start on the future, books can help. Especially when your source for booking recommendations is those at[...]
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5 Surprising Benefits of Off-Campus Housing for College Students

Moving off-campus for college can be daunting for some students. You'll have to find a place, sign leases, and figure out how you're going to pay the extra expenses associated with renting, it is a part of the college[...]
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Top Tips for Finding the Perfect Rental Room in New York City

We are very aware that apartment hunting or simply hunting for a rental room in New York City can be overwhelming, especially for newcomers. With the city's sky-high prices, cramped spaces and intense competition for rooms, it's easy to[...]
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