If you are eyeing Vancouver as your next spot to study in, then you have certainly thought about food as a part of your living expenses, and we know that being a student in Vancouver can be expensive. Between tuition, rent, and groceries, there isn't much left over for eating out. But students deserve fun too!
If you're looking for budget friendly restaurant options in Vancouver, you're not alone. There are plenty of delicious restaurants to choose from that won't break the bank.
In this article, Harrington Housing will help you look at some of the best budget-friendly restaurants for students in Vancouver. We will fill you in on all our favorite spots to grab a bite and go easy on your student wallet! 

Hongdae Pocha Cafe 

This one is the first one on our list! 
Hongdae Pocha Cafe is a budget-friendly restaurant in Vancouver that makes excellent Korean-style street food. This student-friendly restaurant has a wide variety of dishes to satisfy your cravings.
What makes Hongdae Pocha Cafe popular for students is their great food at an affordable price. From kimchi bokkeumbap to jjajangmyeon, you can get it all here with prices as low as $10 CAD!
Another thing that will make you come back with each paycheck is their loyalty points system. You earn points with every purchase and can redeem them for bonus items like free drinks or additional sides.
On top of the quality food, friendly service and good pricing, Hongdae Pocha Cafe also offers discount nights when students pay only 50% their bill ! And you can't beat that deal!
So, if you are looking for some top notch Korean fusion, this is the place for you! 

Sura Korean Cuisine

Hang on though, because we are not done with the rich Korean Cuisine just yet! Sura Korean Cuisine is the second choice we have for you! 
Sura Korean Cuisine is a great choice for budget friendly restaurants in Vancouver, Canada. It's a friendly restaurant with delicious and authentic Korean food and excellent service!
Their menu offers an array of classic dishes that can be customized according to individual tastes. From Bibimbap to Bulgogi, Sura Korean Cuisine will have something that satisfies the craving of any student on a budget.
For those looking for great tasting food at an affordable price, Sura is definitely worth checking out! Prices are reasonable, portions are generous, and the atmosphere makes it even better.
On top of their amazing food, they also offer weekly specials that students can take advantage of without breaking the bank! This makes them one of the best budget-friendly restaurants in all of Vancouver! 
Share it with your friends for a good time! 

Relish The Pub

Relish The Pub is a budget friendly restaurant located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, and it's a great choice for students on a budget. It has very affordable prices with plenty of delicious menu options like burgers, sandwiches, nachos, and specialty poutine dishes.
Not only does Relish offer an extensive food menu but they also have amazing drink specials that students will love! Whether you prefer craft beers or martinis, there are more than enough choices for everyone.
At Relish The Pub there's something for everyone! With their daily lunch specials along with pre-dinner deals from 3-5 pm, you can always find something tasty while saving money at the same time.
The atmosphere at Relish is casual and perfect for catching up with old friends over drinks and some great eats. Plus, there are late night discounts to cap off your evening right!
This pub is the perfect spot if you just want to relax for the weekend, forget about college,  and have some fun! 

Uncle Fatih's Pizza 

At Uncle Fatih's you get more than just pizza, check out their delicious macaroni and cheese with garlic bread sticks, or one of their classic Italian combo sets to fill your stomach without emptying your wallet!
Uncle Fatih's Pizza is a popular budget friendly pizza spot for students in Vancouver! This is because it offers daily deals like the "B.C. Pizza" on Tuesday, which includes unlimited cheese and toppings for only $15.95.
Their menu also has vegetarian options available—perfect for those who pursue a plant-based lifestyle. Whatever your meal preference is, it'll be catered for at Uncle Fatihs.
Aside from offering cheap eats that are both tasty and filling, the restaurant's atmosphere is fun and lively which makes it even more appealing to its widespread student customer base!
Uncle Fatih's Pizza is perfect for pizza and beer night with you and your friends! 

KTV Party World

This name sounds very exciting and fun, well the best part is that it definitely is! 
KTV Party World is one of the budget-friendly restaurants for students in Vancouver, Canada. It's a Korean-style pub that serves tasty Asian fusion dishes that are easy on the wallet.
At KTV Party World, you can get restaurant quality food for a price comparable to fast food. Plus, it's open until late so it's perfect for those night cravings!
What makes this restaurant even more special is the karaoke booths where you and your friends can sing till the early hours of the morning. It also has classic video games like PacMan and Donkey Kong plus other fun activities like corn hole and foosball tables.
So next time you're looking for an affordable way to have dinner with friends or just a place to let loose with some karaoke, check out KTV Party World in Vancouver, Canada.
So not only is it a very good place to eat at, it is also a fun activity that you can do with your friends on a Friday night! 

Wings Restaurants and Pubs 

Wings Restaurants and Pubs is the perfect place for budget conscious students to enjoy a meal in Vancouver, Canada. With two locations – one on Broadway and another on Main St – Wings offers over a dozen different types of chicken wings!
It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a mild flavour or blazing hot heat, Wings has something to satisfy everyone’s tastebuds. Plus, their pub-style menu includes combo meals that come with fries and coleslaw, so you can fill up without breaking the bank.
What makes Wings Restaurants and Pubs even more attractive to students is their great drink and beer specials. On most nights you can find extremely budget friendly drinks like discounted beers, cocktails and shooters.
Wings Restaurants and Pubs is definitely one of the most popular hangout spots for college students in Vancouver—and for good reason! It's an easy place to get a quick meal at an affordable price that everyone can enjoy!

Cambie Vietnamese Restaurant 

The menu in Cambie Vietnamese restaurant features traditional Vietnamese dishes made with fresh ingredients and flavorsome spices. Dishes include classics like vermicelli bowls, banh mi, soups and noodle dishes that offer great bang for your buck! 
Cambie offers generous portions at very reasonable prices. No one goes away hungry or unsatisfied! The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed and you legit feel like you’re eating home cooked food. To top it off, the staff are incredibly accommodating to special requests or modifications to make your meal more suited to diet restrictions.
If you're a student looking to try some delicious Vietnamese food without busting your budget - Cambie should definitely be high on your list!

Kozak Eatery 

Kozak Eatery is a budget-friendly restaurant located in Vancouver, Canada. It's a great option for students who are on a tight budget and looking for delicious food with generous portions! 
At Kozak Eatery, you'll find hearty meals that harken back to traditional Ukrainian cuisine — think borscht, dumplings and other filling dishes. Not only that but everything at Kozak Eatery is affordably priced, so you won't ever have to worry about breaking the bank!
What's more, their dining area is very cozy and inviting and they frequently offer discounts for students. So if you're looking for an inexpensive yet delicious place to eat near your college or university campus, this is the way to go.
Their menu also has some western fare too like burgers, sandwiches and wraps if you'd rather have something familiar. And they have vegan options available as well as gluten-free options too! 

The Narrow Lounge

With its friendly atmosphere, it's located near the University of British Columbia, featuring favourites like tacos and nachos - all of which are easy on our student pockets!
This bustling campus restaurant also offers daily specials for those who can't make up their mind or want to sample something new! The $7 Mexican Monday special includes two tacos and a side of rice & beans; perfect to grab with friends after class.
Plus, they have daily happy hour deals between 3-5pm every day offering beer and sangria specials that are sure to hit the spot!

Bottom Line 

Vancouver, Canada offers a variety of budget-friendly restaurants for students to choose from. Whether you are looking for a cheap meal along with friends or an affordable date night out, there is something for everyone!
With these great places to eat on campus and in the surrounding area, students can enjoy tasty meals without breaking the bank.
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