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If you're looking for a way to experience Europe without leaving North America, Montreal is the answer. Filled with excitement, fun and multiple cultures, the city is home to anybody and everybody. You'll make yourself comfortable in no time — all you need is a nice place to live. 

Rent Apartment in Montreal

Harrington Housing offers affordable extended stays for students and young professionals in Montreal, Canada. When you work with us, we help you find affordable furnished apartments in the city. We even have access to some of the luxury highrise buildings in downtown Montreal.

Living in Montreal

Known as one of Quebec's liveliest cities, Montreal is an island full of French culture, education, food, art and job opportunities. Home to the famous Cirque de Soliel, you'll never have a dull evening in the city. Numerous events take place in Montreal, such as snow sports, concerts and the world's largest firework festival. It's safe to say Montreal will exceed your expectations.

Montreal is also a well known hub for students and one of the best places to study in the world. Harrington Housing offers convenient off-campus student housing for universities such as: 

- McGill University

- University of Montreal

- Concordia University

While Montreal offers numerous benefits, it can be hard to find short-term luxury apartment rentals that suit your needs. Whether you're coming to the city for school, an internship or a new job, Harrington Housing can help.

Affordable Student Off-Campus Housing

One reason Montreal is unique is because of its large university student population. The city has four esteemed universities that thousands of students attend each year. There are also numerous secondary schools and even circus schools. While finding a school to attend won't be a problem, securing housing isn't always easy for students.

If you're looking for University of Montreal or McGill University off-campus housing, Harrington Housing offers furnished rooms in the bustling downtown Montreal area. With easy access to the two universities, living in off-campus student housing will be a breeze. Harrington Housing offers affordable student accomodation in neighborhoods such as:

- McGill Ghetto

- Downtown Montreal

- Concordia 

Intern Housing Downtown Montreal 

Cities are full of opportunities for young professionals to gain experience, and Montreal is no exception. The city offers several internship programs to students and recent graduates of all backgrounds. If you have accepted an internship in Montreal, all you have to do is find affordable intern apartments in the area. 

Harrington Housing offers cozy and furnished intern housing solutions for short-term stays in Montreal. With our help, you can find a safe place to live without moving furniture, hunting for apartments or advertising for roommates. 

Affordable Housing For Young Professionals

Moving to a new city for work can be overwhelming, especially when you're trying to find a place to stay. Apartment hunting in a bustling city such as Montreal can be incredibly stressful. Harrington Housing offers furnished and affordable apartments for young professionals to help alleviate the stress of finding the perfect apartment. 

Whether you choose a short-term stay for a few months or a longer extended stay, we provide comfortable, stress-free living so you can adjust to life in the city.

Book With Harrington Housing

Booking an extended stay with Harrington Housing is easy. Make an account, explore our listings and book your stay. We make the process easy so you can focus on making memories that will last a lifetime. To learn more, fill out a contact form today.

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