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Best Free-time Activities for Summer Co-ops in Toronto

Summer co-op season is upon us once again and you may be thinking to take this opportunity this year. Well, if your goal is to get work experience in Toronto, you are in the right place.   Toronto, Canada's largest city, has become[...]
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10 Best places to see for summer interns in New York City

It is not for nothing that the metropolis is known as the "city that never sleeps”. There's something for everyone in New York City, and you'll discover something new to do during your summer internship.   The nicest part[...]
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Summer Internship Guide: How to Find the Best Summer Housing

You've landed your ideal internship in a huge city far away from home, but where will you stay? While some internships include accommodation for summer interns, others may need you to locate your housing.    One of the most[...]
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Tips To Find The Perfect Student Accommodation

The hours leading up to going to university can be very stressful. There are so many decisions you'll need to make and many of them will come at the same time.    Even when you already know your university, course, and start[...]
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How to Succeed in College and Be Successful After Graduation?

College is probably the most important period of your life right, you have big dreams for your future and you know how your college life will affect it. That means if you want to be successful after graduation, you need to start preparing for[...]
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